Monday, May 11, 2009

B2B Social Media Marketing

We are getting many questions from our clients asking if we should start signing them up corporately for Facebook and Twitter, etc. Since MarCom has been doing Social Media Marketing (SMM) since the beginning, we have some strategic thoughts on what works and how it should be leveraged for B2B correctly.

First you need to do some research. One thing MarCom has done for several clients including, and The Interface Financial Group, is an audit of their competitor's search engine marketing programs, and then we provide recommendations for improvement. We told them, you need to review what to accomplish, and take a look at how SMM will complement your overall marketing plan. All companies need an SMM strategy - but it is difficult for most marketers to do this when this area is not their expertise.

For those of you involved in B2B, if you don't yet believe that MarCom New Media can assist you with your social media marketing, read Paul Gillin's latest book, Secrets of Social Media Marketing. This book will educate you about the ways you can extend your brand, engage customers, launch a product, deal with a crisis, and most importantly, generate leads in communities where your customers live online.

Some of the tactics include ghostwriting blogs, posting videos and syndicating them on the Internet, syndicating articles, and bookmarking in places like DIGG or StumbleUpon, to name only a few. Corporate Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are becomming popular as well. And as always, link backs from these social media sites to your website are encouraged for better search engine optimization and website rankings.

Gillin told us, "Social Media Marketing actually appears to be gaining a head of steam. Peter Kim has a great wiki of social media marketing examples that is up to more than 1,500 entries. The list dramatizes the surge in interest that we are now seeing in SMM, particularly because of the attractive economies."

The good news is that once you have read it - you will realize there's no way you can manage it alone, so we hope you will us so we can develop a strategic plan, put our practiced team on it for you and measure results.