Thursday, January 7, 2010

Los Angeles SEO Company Goes Local

If you want to get a good grasp of where search engine optimization is going in 2010 think like a realtor. Location, location, location. Our Los Angeles search engine marketing guru Mike Keesling has been tracking the just-this-week-launched Google Caffeine algorithm. And due to the work we started doing with the Beta back in the Fall - all of our clients are being ranked high up in page one of Google.

Mike says this year search engine marketing will become increasingly more important as far as Google is concerned. That is why, in both the second and third option of Maintenance SEO, we make provisions for building cloud linking around articles for locally based keywords.

Hidden in the discussion of what the Caffeine update to the Google algorithm means is that location is going to be a huge factor in terms of what results get returned on searches. Here's why.

All search engines are becoming more and more personalized. What that means is that if you live in Los Angeles and are searching for a hair salon (for instance) you will start seeing more and more Los Angeles based hair salons in the search results as we move into the New Year.

What this affords for the Los Angeles SEO companies like MarCom New Media is a tremendous opportunity by using Google Map API's and other localized search optimization tactics to totally dominate the results for your main keyword phrase (Los Angeles social media marketing in our example) for anyone searching for social media marketing firms who work from the Los Angeles area, as well as for anyone outside of Los Angeles searching for the phrase "Los Angeles Social media marketing firm."

This may be the last time there is a level playing field between small business and big business to dominate search rankings.