Monday, November 30, 2009

The Paradign Shift in Online Marketing

We are in the earliest stages of a massive paradigm shift among the corporate world and our institutions - and it is all being driven by social media marketing and the Web.

Ie seems like social networking has been tagged as a better way to work. Many experts agree it will become an essential utility to do business, so the faster businesses use social media tools, the better they will do in the New Year. But if your website isn't optimized properly for the search engines, it won't help you on your Google rankings.

In the past, we didn't necessarily think that Twitter was a great of a corporate tool as other networks like Facebook. But now we can see, that both have their places - especially with re-Tweeting capabilities, and tiny urls which fit the 140 character format. We have set up corporate accounts and ghostblog, ghostTwitter, and have corporate fan pages for all of our clients. We also do corporate social bookmarking of content that we write and post all over the Web in spots like DIGG, StumbleUpon, and others.

Our clients' YouTube videos are a smashing success. Check out where we have more than 90 videos for client T.S. Wiley, who sells the Wiley Protocol bioidenticals. The fact is, all of these online social media marketing tools are great for content building and linking back to websites, which ultimately gives you first page results in the search engines. But you must know how to link properly.

The 2010 New Year - some time in January with a national roll-out - is when Caffeine launches, a next-generation architecture for Google's web search. So far we are seeing great results for our clients rankings with the Beta version.

What's more, Google's Social Search is a new program that integrates content from a user’s social network into their search results so they can easily find relevant blogs, reviews and other information from within their own social networking groups.

If there's relevant web content written by people in your circle when you sign into Google, it will show up at the bottom of your search results under an area called "Results from people in your social circle." This means that search marketing is going to become more targeted to individuals, as people seriously organize into groups and communities on the Web. It is also becomming more localized.

Overall, today people just want direct communication with the brands, products and services they like and uchoose to use. People want messages that address their individual needs, even if it is only 140 characters in Twitter.

The era of mo more mass marketing is over.

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