Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Link Building Strategies are Critical to SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices have been defined and now companies are competing for visibility within the organic search listings on the Internet. Three years ago it took a couple of months to be optimized; today it is closer to six to eight months. Why? Because so many companies are finally trying to get optimized, and the search engines need time to put them in place. New websites typically spend a month in the Google sandbox, before they are recognized.

Link building strategies are critical to the success of a website’s optimization. Link building provides links using your keywords to various pages on your website, so that the search engines will give the site a higher ranking, and so people using search terms and phrases will be more likely to find your site.

Social media marketing practitioners like MarOm New Media uses various tactics including building links to your site in relevant blogs, photo sites, social media networks, newswires, and directories. If you have short podcasts (audio) or videos, these can also be added to YouTube, and we also syndicate them to hundreds of other video sites. MarCom has completed the Bioidenticals Network on YouTube, for example, for our client The Wiley Protocol, for whom we have filmed, edited, produced, and syndicated more than 42 videos thus far.

Additionally you will find that there are other strategies including ghost blogging, forum posts, and bookmarking on social media networks, all of which provide linking opportunities. Bookmarking means adding content via a button, "add to del.icio.us," for example. You can also submit white papers, or relevant articles to other relevant sites to get your content out there. This way others can create what the industry has dubbed "mashups" to drive traffic back to your website.

MarCom has recently developed some ingenious three way linking strategies for MarCom clients that we'll be launching before July. Hiont: It is named "Billboard Mama."